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FLW Cup 2013

Mark finishes 7th at the FLW CUP!!!


Day 4 - Mark finishes 7th at the Forrest Wood Cup.




Day 3 recap -

For the third consecutive day, Mark Rose holds down fifth place, even though his 9-pound, 9-ounce stringer was his lightest yet of the week. Rose made a quick stop at his primary area at the mouth of Port Lake and the main river channel, but as he suspected that area was milked dry.

 He then completely scrapped his plan and ran towards the White House. Instead of fishing in it with Nixon and Matt Arey, Rose cranked a shallow flat on the outside. He had been contemplating the move for some time as the Walmart pro believes the water clarity is slowly improving. After he left the White House he fished other similar areas, all in Pool 5.

 "I caught a 3-pounder late in the day that really saved me," said Rose, who finished second at the 2011 FLW Tour qualifier on the Red. "I have a lot of anticipation for tomorrow; I still don't think I'm out of it. I've said all along 12 pounds a day would win this thing so I need 15 pounds tomorrow."

 Earlier in the week when he fished close he flipped with the new 1/2-ounce Strike King Structure Jig and used a shaky head with a Fat Baby Finesse Worm. He also occasionally mixed in the Strike King Series 3 crankbait.

 Rose's total weight sits at 34 pounds, 6 ounces.

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Day 2 recap -

Mark Rose weighed an 11-pound, 14-ounce stringer Friday and retained fifth with a two-day total of 24 pounds, 13 ounces. Rose has spent most of his time just outside the mouth of Port Lake that feeds into the main river, but he's contemplating a change.

 "The 12 pounds or so I'm doing now, it's about over," said Rose, who finished second on the Red in 2011. "I've milked it, but I just wanted to ride it and survive and I did that."

 Rose described his primary pattern as a little spot on the edge of a drop with a lily pad field right behind it. Once he's fished that, he'll flip the bank or cover it with a crankbait.

 "I weighed two today flipping with the new 1/2-ounce Strike King Structure Jig, one on a Series 3 crankbait and two on a shaky head with a Fat Baby Finesse Worm."

 Rose was vague about the change he's contemplating, but it's clear he sees a window starting to open.

 "I've been saving some areas. There's something that I'm waiting for to happen. I'll just say the river needs to change and it's starting to."

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Day 1 recap - Mark Rose is now considered the ledgemaster, but he cut his teeth fishing shallow rivers. He took second the last time the FLW Tour visited the Red and he's currently fifth after

"It's a good start," said the Walmart pro. "I'm going to treat this like a marathon. I wasn't fast out of the gate, but I am catching a good number of fish. I had a pretty good practice, but I actually think the water clearing up right now is going to help the shallow bite more. I know I'm around big fish, but today was sort of a backwards day for the fish. I'd like to start in the same place tomorrow but go somewhere different in the afternoon."

 Rose said he's throwing a new Strike King bait that he'll reveal later in the week.

"I'm just going to go out tomorrow and fish my red-headed heart out and see how it goes." – Walmart pro Mark Rose.

Day 1 images


"Christi-Cam" Behind the scenes pictures courtesy of Christi Rose

  • Mark and his cousin Glen
  • Hannah Grace catching a fish at the Expo
  • Mark looking at his Lowrance Unit, Day 3 launch.
  • Hannah Grace and friends (from back home) that came to support Mark. *At the Expo
  • Hannah Grace praying for the Cup!

Douglas Lake Striper 52.62 lbs.

52.62 lb Striper - Douglas Lake, eastern Tennessee

What setup were you using?


     Kistler 7'6" XH rod, Lews Tournament Pro Reel, Seaguar Kanzen 60lb braid, Umbrella rig with 4" shad color swim baits

How'd you bring it to the scales?


     It was in the tournament so I couldn't really mess with it.  There was a Bassmaster Elite series angler, Keith Poche pre-fishing for a tournament. He saw me catch it and he came over.  I was gonna throw it back but it was such a big special fish, he volunteered to have it weighed.  TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) was called to the weigh in site and Keith brought it up to stage where it was measured and weighed by the TWRA.  It turned out to be a Lake Record.

How long was the fight?


     It was a lot longer than I wanted it to be.  I had an hour to go for the day and only 4 fish in the livewell.  I had 60lb braid and a wired bait and you can only deal with a 52lb creature in it's own habitat, when it has it's own agenda as best you can.  It took around ten minutes with me horsing it as best as I could.

How deep were you fishing?


     I was fishing in 5 to 8 feet of water on a rocky point.  Within the first 2 cranks of my reel handle it nailed it, it was singing my line, I couldn't turn it.  I knew it was something of a beastly type manner.

Is this the biggest fish you've caught?


     I probably caught some catfish commercial fishing with Granddad, but this was probably the biggest on a rod and reel.

     I also caught one on Lake Lanier during a PAA event that some people said might have been a lake record also.

Lake Lanier Mark Rose Striper

Lake Lanier Striper

What happened to the fish?


Mark Rose Striper Douglas Lake     Normally I would have just thrown it back, but it was such a special fish and nobody would have gotten to see it.  When Keith made his gracious offer to bring it to the scales, I took him up on his offer., as we were close to the weigh in area.  The fish was put in Oxygen and properly handled but unfortunately, the fish didn't make it.   There was a young man there who was having a wild game dinner the following night.  He was out of fish and felt like he didn't have enough fish for the event.  He asked if he could have the fish so I gave it to him so he could feed more people at his event.


     I believe in protecting our resources and practicing good conservation. However good conservation doesn't always mean throwing fish back....I was raised on wild game!

 Special thanks to Keith for getting it in, so everyone could see it.  Had it not been for him, nobody would have gotten to see it.






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