Mark and family at the 2017 FLW Tour Lake Guntersville Tournament.    Courtesy FLW / Andy Hagedon

Wife - Christi
Daughters - Natalie, Hannah Grace
Dog - Lily
16 Pet fish

I asked Christi to be my girlfriend in the 8th grade and we've been together ever since.

Natalie could care less about anything fishing, she's like her mom...all girl.  Maybe I'll get an outdoorswoman out of my 8 year old, if not, that's ok.

Christi taught school for 12 years and recently resigned to stay home and help me out with the business side of fishing, and more importantly use her skills in education towards our own two children.

We stay pretty busy with our Church also.  I am a Deacon at Angels Way Baptist Church in Marion, Ar. and my wife is always involved in something there too.

  • Mark and Hannah Grace
  • The Rose family along with FLW's Chris Jones and Jason Harper
  • From Beaver Lake.