• 2012 Wheeler Lake Winner
    2012 Wheeler Lake Winner
  • Sportsmans Award
    Sportsmans Award Mark won the inaugural FLW / Goodwill Sportmanship Award
  • 2011 Pickwick Winner
    2011 Pickwick Winner
  • 2011 Pickwick Lake
    2011 Pickwick Lake Mark Rose giving the glory of his catch to God. (Photo by Rob Newell)


04.Apr.2014 by David A. Brown

Mark Rose is a man on a mission. The Walmart FLW Tour pro from Marion, Ark., maintains his focus with a clear sense of priorities. For him, it’s all about his Christian faith, family and fishing – in that order.

Basing his plans on the biblical passage of Matthew 28:16-20 (The Great Commission), Rose says: “When I put my faith and trust in Jesus, I decided I wanted to tell anyone who would listen about it. Those are the last marching orders of Jesus – to go teach others, share the good news and make disciples. I’m a Christian before I’m a fisherman, a husband or a father – before anything. My family is right behind that, but right in line is my passion for the outdoors.”

Competition has been part of Rose’s life for many years. He played baseball in college, but it was cut short by injury, which motivated Rose to segue his lifelong fishing interests into a sustainable career path with the visibility to enable evangelism. That, in a nutshell, is how Rose leverages the platform afforded him by his status as a professional angler: to exemplify a life based on spiritual faith and focused on family involvement.

Much of his motivation comes from his appreciation for the connection he has to his home church – Rose is a deacon at Angel’s Way Baptist Church in Marion, Ark. – and the realization that not everyone has such a spiritual base. Even for regular church attendees, the typical bass tournament schedule always requires committing several Sundays to competition.

“My mission is to share and promote the love of Christ with sportsmen,” Rose notes. “Sportsmen have been the focus for me because they work hard and they play hard, and a lot of that play time is done on the weekend. A normal church setting is difficult for them, so outdoors-based ministry is something that’s important to me.”

Rose strives to fill the void with a couple of options, complemented by one-on-one discussions. First is Fishing Church – a nondenominational meeting held 30 minutes before daylight on the Sunday practice day prior to each Walmart FLW Tour event. It includes a 15-minute message and prayer time and provides a spiritual option without taking anglers out of their competitive schedule.

“It’s reaching them where they are,” Rose says of this casual event with its serious focus. “It’s a more a comfortable setting for guys who may not regularly attend church.”

During tournament weeks, Rose joins fellow Tour pro Glenn Chappalear who coordinates with local churches to host an event called Meet the Pros, in which he and other pros such as Greg Bohannan, Jay Yelas and Scott Martin visit with fans during a fish fry.

And then there’s the day-to-day person who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Consistent from big-fish moments on the water, to each of his six FLW tournament victories, is the testimonial image of Mark Rose smiling and pointing skyward – a gesture of appreciation for the source of his strength.

“The main thing for me is that I want to win so I can stand up and tell people that Jesus loves them and he always will,” Rose says. “I’m not concerned with riches and notoriety. Winnings are just a means to get me to the next event so hopefully I can have the opportunity to share my faith again.”

Rose spends his downtime from outdoor recreation and business with his wife and grade-school sweetheart, Christi, and daughters Natalie and Hannah Grace.

In addition to his tournament-based ministry, Rose speaks at churches and public events about 15 times a year. To this day, he’s humbled by invitations to speak about his faith.

“It kind of blows me away because I don’t really advertise it,” he adds. “I’m just a professional fisherman who loves telling people about Jesus. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m outspoken about my faith, so I guess that’s how people know about it.”

From Bassfan

The big bites that had carried Rose throughout the event were nonexistent today – except for a 5 1/2-pounder that he sight-fished late in the day. The other four fish he weighed averaged just a pound and change apiece.
"If you'd told me when I was leaving the house that I'd finish 2nd, I'd have taken it and never went," he said. "However, I'm still a competitor and when I put myself in that position, I want to get it done.

"I tried everything I knew to put together 15 pounds on backup stuff, but I couldn't do it. It was just Bryan's time – he was the most consistent angler all week."

He lost a good fish on his third cast of the day.
"I set the hook and it was solid. It could've been 10 pounds or it could've been 3, I'll never know. I just turned its head for a second before the hook came out. They were biting funny today."

Read more: http://www.bassfan.com/news_article.asp?ID=4847#.UzlmC6hdUuc#ixzz2xXpml8fb

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Courtesy FLW Outdoors

03.Dec.2013 by Brett Carlson

Mark Rose has been one of the top competitors on the Walmart FLW Tour for the past decade – racking up four tour-level wins and earning the moniker “ledge master” for his prowess during summertime tournaments. But in 2012, Rose uncharacteristically missed qualifying for the Forrest Wood Cup.

The Walmart pro finished 40th in the points race that year. Missing the Cup bothered him, but instead of singing the blues, Rose used it as a wake-up call.

“You get kind of complacent, kind of used to doing good,” Rose explained. “That year I felt I was just a little off. I’d feel good going into the tournament and then end up with a pretty bad finish. Once you get used to doing good and expecting to make the championship and things like that, it’s hard to go back.

Mark Rose"I have a motto that I fish hard and leave the outcome in God’s hands. And I did that during each tournament that year. But maybe I didn’t do that in practice or in prepractice, or in the offseason. I might’ve let my guard down a bit. It’s kind of like being a smart kid that doesn’t study. You can get by for awhile but eventually you’re going to fail a test. I feel like I wasn’t working quite as hard and it cost me a berth in the Cup.”

For Rose, working harder meant he’d have to sacrifice time traditionally spent on his other two passions – hunting with his family and ministry-based speaking engagements.

“You can’t just show up and fish hard during practice and during the tournament (and expect to do well). These guys are good – real good and they’re out there to win. In today’s competitive fishing environment, you need to prepractice. I didn’t use to believe in that. But it helps and you need every bit of an advantage you can get.”

With a renewed focus, Rose finished 13th in the 2013 Angler of the Year race and easily qualified for his eighth Cup.

“I felt like this year was average. It’s not one I’m tickled to death with, but I made the Forrest Wood Cup and got back on track. I would really like to win a tournament each year, we all would, but it’s so hard to win. If you can continue to put yourself in the top 10, the wins come. Still, I don’t have to win to be happy with myself. I see winning as a platform for something I have an even greater passion about – reaching sportsmen with the love of Christ

Mark RoseRose has minor regrets from the last two tournaments of the season. At Chickamauga, he found the winning school of fish and reached them first on day one. He doesn’t regret allowing eventual champion Casey Martin to join him on the mega-school, but he wishes he would’ve been more prepared.

“I will say this for Casey; he out-fished me on that spot. He took advantage of a bait or what have you that I really had no idea was out there. I don’t say that in a negative way either. He showed the fish something that I really had no idea existed. And on the second day, I kind of lost my way. It was so crowded I left after a few minutes and I should’ve stayed and grinded it out. That’s fishing and that’s the way it goes. You live and die by the decisions you make.”

At the Cup, Rose was on a solid two-pronged pattern where he’d flip near the takeoff area at Port Lake and then burn a shallow-running crankbait over sand flats further south in Pool 5.

“There was a 20-pound bag in those lily pads and I knew it. Looking back, I wish I would’ve gone in there. But I was catching a lot of fish on my patterns and I felt like I was slowly climbing the leaderboard. A chance to win the Cup doesn’t come along often, sometimes only once in a career. The Cup is something I covet. I should’ve gone for it and I didn’t.”

Looking Forward

Mark Rose and NatalieMost fans can’t help but think the final third of the 2014 schedule is tailor-made for Rose and his offshore talents. The West Memphis, Ark., native admits to being excited about Kentucky Lake, but in general believes the offshore talent gap has closed considerably in the past few seasons.

“It’s humbling to be mentioned among the favorites, but I really took advantage of an era there when StructureScan first came along. Everybody is now doing what I’m doing. In all reality, that era is closing and I’m thinking of going back to the bank more. The fishermen are really good now and they’re spending some time learning the electronics like I did.”

Pickwick Lake has provided Rose two major wins, but he’s worried it could prove overly crowded.

“Pickwick is going to fish really small. I’m not looking forward to having boats on top of each other at all. I’m more eager for Kentucky Lake as there’s more of a chance of having something to yourself. Going into those two tournaments, I understand some things, but unless I find a bait or a school of fish everyone else hasn’t found I’ll just be grinding with the group.”


Mark Rose and Hannah GraceRose doesn’t believe in annual goal setting. Instead, he maintains one overarching purpose at all times.

“I want to continue to have a passion for the sport – to be genuinely excited about it. I’m not one of those guys who say Angler of the Year or the Cup is the goal. I will do my best to be successful in order to do something that I have even more passion about. I feel truly blessed to have a great support staff – God, my family and my sponsors. Confidence breeds success and I have the utmost confidence in my support team.”

Rose was pleased to report he and both his daughters have filled their annual deer tags. With a full freezer, hunting season is now complete.

“Now the focus is back to fishing.






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