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Mark Rose's practice delivered about 12 pounds a day. He bettered that yesterday with a 5-pound bite, but there was no such bite today and his weight settled back into the anticipated range.

He doesn't plan to change and "go chase rabbits" – that 5-pound bite showed him the potential's there within his pattern. So his approach is to treat all 4 days as an endurance test.

"With that mentality, hopefully I'll be there in the end," he said. "I need another 5-pounder to give myself a shot at winning though. I'm fishing the best stuff that I found and I just hope the big bite comes along. I won't go chase something goofy that I haven't done."

About whether or not he thinks he can win, he said: "Scott's obviously around some better fish than anybody else, and that's what I thought would happen in this tournament – one or two guys would really bust them. Then, if you have 13 pounds a day, you could compete. And that's what's happened.

"It's whoever's time it is in this tournament. There's going to be four or five guys up there close and if it's their time to win, they're going to win it. Hopefully it's my time."


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