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Over the last two days, Mark Rose has been the only pro to find some solid mid-teen consistency in his limits, weighing in 17-3 and 15-13, respectively, to put himself in position to possibly win two back-to-back FLW Tour events.

Rose seems to have found his groove over the last two days, fishing out in water as deep as 30 to 50 feet.

“Shallow on this lake is 15 to 20 feet,” Rose says. “A lot of the tops of these big flats point are in 18-ish feet of water and I consider that shallow here. I can catch some fish up on top, but I’m also catching them on the stair-step-type breaks off those points that fall off into 50 feet of water.”

Rose says he is seeing a lot of his fish on his graph as he eases up to the point and casting on top of it.

“I’ll watch my graph while I’m dragging around up top and if I see a fish or two on my graph suspended off the break, I’ll just back off and fish deeper, dragging a big jig and a Carolina rig off those stair-step ledges.”

Rose’s day got off to a great start Saturday when he caught a roughly 6-pound fish on a swimbait.

“I haven’t thrown a swimbait all week,” Rose says. “In fact, I didn’t even have one tied on. I had some laying in the boat this morning, so I tied one on at my first stop and on my second cast I caught that big one. I threw that thing all morning and never got another bite on it.”


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